Russian Railways rail infrastructure

Federal Passenger Company is a national rail passenger carrier of the Russian Federation, and an entity subject to antimonopoly regulation.

Russian Railways rail infrastructure forms the basis of FPC’s route network (over 85,500 km as at the end of 2018) – the world’s third-longest rail network.

More than
85,500 km
of the Company’s route network – railway infrastructure of Russian Railways
77 Russian regions
are covered by JSC FPK
18,000 carriages
are available in the Company’s rolling stock fleet
61,000 employees
work in the Company
18 years
is average fleet age

FPC provides rail passenger services across 77 out of 85 Russian regions, ensuring transport accessibility and connectivity between regions.

FPC operates 23 international routes, providing direct and transit passenger services by its trains to and from 19 countries.

FPC’s organisational structure includes administration, 13 regional branches, three subsidiaries, one central carriage site, and seven centres. The branches comprise 23 passenger carriage depots, 32 carriage sites, ten railway agencies, and the Vehicle Transport Centre.

The Company’s headcount is 61,000 employees. FPC’s rolling stock fleet counts 18,000 carriages within 459 train pairs. The average fleet age is 18 years.