Expanding presence in the international transport market

Network optimisation: faster services and expanded coverage

Traffic and acceleration

In the long-distance train timetable for 2018/2019 effective from 9 December 2018, the overall traffic of FPC’s passenger trains was increased by six train pairs (versus 2017) to 465 pairs of passenger trains (459 train pairs in 2017/2018).

A number of initiatives were implemented to accelerate FPC’s passenger trains in the 2018/2019 timetable. The aggregate reduction in travel time (factoring in reduced speeds for certain trains) was 134 hours, compared to 115 hours in the 2017/2018 timetable. For 68 trains, travel time was reduced by 30 minutes or more, for a total of 102 hours.

112 multi-group train pairs were included in the timetable to increase operating performance and efficient use of rolling stock (three pairs more than in the 2017/2018 timetable).

To improve passenger experience and increase rail passenger traffic, the 2018/2019 timetable includes new long-distance train pairs made up by FPC.

New daytime trains

Locomotive traction, passenger carriages (seven pairs):

  • No. 45/46 Moscow–Tambov
  • No. 47/48 Moscow–Murom
  • No. 53/54 Syktyvkar–Usinsk
  • No. 69/70 Moscow–Lipetsk
  • No. 107/108 Vologda–Moscow
  • No. 121/122 Moscow–Bryansk
  • No. 131/132 Moscow–Novozybkov/Lgov.

Lastochka (motorised carriages) (two pairs):

  • No. 729/730 Moscow–Smolensk
  • No. 821/822 Krasnodar–Imeretinsky Resort.

New night trains:

  • No. 111/112 Krasnoyarsk–Severobaikalsk
  • No. 113/114 Novosibirsk–Abakan
  • No. 123/124 Kirov–Saint Petersburg
  • No. 125/126 Samara–Kazan
  • No. 137/138 Novokuznetsk–Tyumen
  • No. 185/186 Moscow–Saint Petersburg
  • No. 255 Saint Petersburg–Moscow
  • No. 263/264 Moscow–Stary Oskol
  • No. 273/274 Moscow–Kazan
  • No. 290 Moscow–Saint Petersburg
  • No. 351/352 Ufa–Priobye
  • No. 363/364 Tomsk–Novosibirsk–Karaganda.

New product range

Products within FPC’s current product range are a combination of technical data related to the train composition and services offered on board.

Our current offering comprises over 90 combinations of train categories (passenger, express, higher-speed, branded), carriage types (deluxe, first-class sleeping, second-class sleeping, third-class open sleeping, with seats), and on-train services (catering, travel kit, press, etc.).

To help passengers better understand our product offering, FPC’s Strategy provides for transitioning to a new product range with a more clear value proposition.

The fundamentally new classification will include four service classes across four transport products:

  • four train types (daytime express trains, night trains, conventional trains, and tourist trains)
  • four service classes (business, comfort, economy, and economy budget).