Improvement of the pricing policy and optimisation of international rail services

In 2018, FPC continued its extensive cooperation with international partners in EU countries, railway authorities and carriers from the CIS states, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to enhance the competitiveness of international rail passenger services and acquire new customers.

Therefore, the Company continued to pursue the pricing strategy introduced in 2017 and approved by international partners. Depending on the destination and the booking date the discounts ranged from 10% to 58%.

In improving the efficiency of international passenger services, the Company follows a flexible tariff policy and continues its cost-cutting efforts, including through optimisation of international train timetables.

In particular, FPC optimised the route of train No. 20/19 Moscow–Beijing travelling once every two weeks as a separate destination and once every two weeks as a group of direct Moscow–Beijing carriages of train No. 2/1 Moscow–Vladivostok.

The above initiatives helped improve train operation, optimise the use of rolling stock, and, consequently, cut the costs of Russia–China railway services.