Corporate Secretary

In June 2018, the annual General Shareholders Meeting approved the new version of JSC FPC’s Articles of Association providing for the introduction of the role of the Corporate Secretary.

FPC’s Corporate Secretary is elected by a majority of all members of the Board of Directors for an indefinite term. The Board of Directors is entitled to re-elect the Corporate Secretary at any time.

FPC’s Corporate Secretary acts as a secretary at the meetings of the Board of Directors, General Shareholders Meetings, and the meetings of the committees of the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Secretary’s activities are guided by the Regulations on JSC FPC’s Corporate Secretary approved by the Board of Directors in August 2017 (Minutes No. 2).

The tasks of the Corporate Secretary are to:

  • provide administrative and information support to the General Shareholders Meeting
  • provide administrative and information support to the Board of Directors and its committees
  • coordinate collaboration between members of the Board of Directors, shareholders, and FPC’s executive bodies to ensure effcient performance of the Board of Directors.

On 12 October 2018, Andrey Stepochkin was elected FPC’s Corporate Secretary by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Stepochkin Andrey


Year of birth: 1977

Nationality: Russian Federation


Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in Law.


From April 2006, he worked in the Legal Department at Russian Railways as the senior specialist of the execution unit, the contracting and legal unit, and the legal support unit for international transport services.

From December 2014 to September 2015, he served as Head of the Contract Register Unit of the Procurement Organisation Centre at Russian Railways.

From September 2015, he worked as Deputy Head of Legal Service — Head of the Contracting and Legal Unit at Moscow Metro.

Since October 2018, he has served as Corporate Secretary at FPC.