Service classes

The Company made significant progress in standardising its service classes and segmentation of its carriage fleet to meet the key passenger needs such as air conditioning and toilets on board. When booking tickets passengers can easily see online infographics clearly featuring on-board services and the availability of air conditioning and/or on-board toilets. The same information is presented and printed out on paper tickets purchased offline. The passenger, therefore, has full and reliable information on services to be provided during travel.

Domestic passenger services
Air conditioning in the compartment
Shower room in the compartment
PressNo press is offered on trains No. 617/618 Saint Petersburg–Vologda, No. 5/6 and No. 25/26 Moscow–Saint Petersburg, No. 23/24 Moscow–Kazan.
Bio toilet in the compartment
Bed linen
Travel kitTravel kits are not provided on trains No. 5/6 Moscow–Saint Petersburg and No. 23/24 Moscow–Kazan.
Pets allowed
Poputchik (Fellow Passenger) multimedia portalOn board, passengers can access a multimedia content and services portal as well as free Wi-Fi depending on bandwidth use and network coverage.
Lap blanket

How the bedding is prepared for long-haul trains’ passengers

Service classes

Services by carriage type
Carriage type Service class Services
Deluxe (VIP)
Double berth compartments.
The compartment can only be booked as a whole, accommodating 1 to 2 adult passengers with the option to include 1 child up to 5 years of age and 1 child up to 10 years of age, regardless of the number of adults travelling
1А (4 compartments and a bar)
1И (5 compartments)
1М (6 compartments)

First-class sleeping or RIC carriages (double berth compartments)
First-class sleeping
Double berth compartments
1Б (not more than 1 passenger)
1Д (tourist)
Strizh train

1Е (all berths must be booked by 1 or 2 passengers)

Second-class sleeping (K)
К (second-class sleeping)
Four-berth compartments
2Д (tourist)
Third-class open sleeping (П)
П (third-class open sleeping)
Open sleeping carriage
3П (for organised groups of children, based on second-class sleeping)
Carriages with seats (C)
Improved seat arrangement
1Р (Strizh train)
1Р (double-decker trains)
1В (with single occupancy; all seats must be booked)
Based on a sleeping carriage with four-berth compartments
Standard arrangement
Motorised carriages
Improved seat arrangement
Standard arrangement
О (fourth-class seating carriage)
Open seating carriage
ЗВ (with no seat numbers)