FPC’s Involvement in the State Social Policy

Benefits and guarantees provided by FPC to citizens and the state

JSC FPC provides transport services for:

  • consumers under state-regulated fares – 60.3 million passengers in 2018, or 59% of the regulated rail transport market
  • schoolchildren during the academic year – 2.8 million passengers in 2018
  • children aged 10 to 17 during the summer holiday season – 2.5 million passengers in 2018
  • Great Patriotic War veterans and their travelling companions to events celebrating the Victory in the 1941–1945 war – 1,700 passengers in 2018
    The Victory Train
  • passengers from the Kaliningrad Region to other regions of Russia and back – 0.4 million passengers in 2018)
  • under the contract with the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation – 256,200 passengers in 2018
  • under the contract with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation – 5,000 passengers in 2018
  • special needs passengers, using over 700 carriages with suitably-equipped compartments operated for 150 destinations.

The Krasnodar region emergency

On 24 October 2018, North Caucasus Railways’ tracks were flooded in the Tuapse District of the Krasnodar Territory due to heavy rain.

Weather conditions deteriorated rapidly on the night of 24 October, which led to a critical situation and numerous passenger train delays and cancellations. A 200 m section of the rail roadbed was washed out on the Grechesky–Tuapse section. Rail tracks were flooded at Tuapse station and on the Grechesky–Krivenkovskaya section, with a mudslide reported at Vodopadny station. Over 2,000 people ended up in the flooded area.

Passengers on delayed trains were provided bottled water, and hot meals were served at Krasnodar, Tuapse, and Goryachy Klyuch stations. Passengers with children were provided accommodation in lounges at railway stations.

FPC arranged alternative transport services for passengers or offered to reimburse their travel expenses. A bus service was also arranged for passengers stranded on Tuapse and Goryachy Klyuch stations to allow them to continue their journey by train to their destinations.

Russian Railways employees repaired the railway bridge on the Shepsi–Vodopadny section and restored traffic along one of the two tracks on 26 October 2018. That enabled us to run trains on the Adler–Tuapse section and dispatch the trains delayed near Tuapse station back to Sochi, where the passengers could claim airline tickets paid for by FPC to fly to their destinations or stay at hotels and continue their journeys after the rail service was fully restored.

FPC provided 24-hour emergency information to passengers throughout the crisis.